Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ode to Crammer

This is an homage to Chris. The bunny was fun as hell to draw. That's about it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free Fridayz!

Two of my favorite things are cute stuff and violent things!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2 favorite things

This is my submission for Free Fridayz this week. My favorite things are Giraffes and Clouds.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Free Fridayz Submission

So, I ended up having a bit of time to get this done, and I just dropped it off via email. Frankenstein's Monster and Gin and Tonics are two of my very favorite things. Word.

Chris Zombling Bashing Sketch!

This is just a test sketch of a future project.

Hey Peeps! This is just a little update. It's not close to being finished, but I thought that I'd throw it up.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ry Guy!

This is a little sketch I did of my friend Ryan G. He likes the idea of killing Zombies.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This is a new piece for Serial Killer Magazine by Mad Hatter Design Studio, this goes with the Son of Sam piece that is on my blog. Anyhow, pretty dark for this blog, but I figured I would bring the DOOM.

Any thoughts?

Prrty Food or DIE

This is a piece I did for a promo-book-comic thing that our good friends Joe Gillette and Ric Schuster are putting together to let the masses know about a kickass performance piece at the Soap Factory . It is at midnight on the 5th, I believe, but I am not 100% sure. I thought it was the night of the 4th of July, but the website says the 24hr performance fest starts at noon on the 5th. I would just check with Joe to be certain, but you should all attend, I have a feeling it is going to be COOL AS HELL. Anyway, this is a piece of Joe's character, Walter. Hope you all like it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

怪獣,!!! (KAIJU!!!)

Kaiju ( 怪獣,) is the Japanese word for "strange beast," and came to be the title of the giant-monster-attacking-the-city genre of movies. There are also some sweet vinyl kaiju toys that are retardedly expensive. But, I love the bright colors, rediculous designs, and the fact that they are HUGE FRIGGIN' MONSTERS!!!! I like monsters :)

Skullcake! Yum Yum!

Here is a skullcake to help satisfy Ryan’s obsession with skulls and Niamh’s love of cupcakes.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Crane Wife (in progress)

A piece I hope will eventually become one of three, based on a song by the Decemberists called the Crane wife. It's an old Japanese legend you can read here, under the album info. (Absolutely fantastic band by the way, you should have a listen) Feedback would be great, cause I'll be working at this one a while.

Finished Image

here is how my drawing turned out. Hope you like!


Friday, June 6, 2008

work in progress

here's a little something I started today during downtime at work..

what chya think?


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Octopus...of DOOM!

Yeah, my first BLOG! nothing special here. just an octupus. a white octopus. with no color. floating in white. and bubbles...

Balrog punching butts and taking names!

Sorry I haven't posted earlier. For some reason when I set this up everything I was posting was in Chinese or something. Anyway this is a piece that I'm doing for an art show at the St. Paul Tea Garden. Most of the show is already up if anyone who is over there and wants to peak.

Hey peeps. I finished it.

Hey! Me too guys! Me too!

I owe my being published in I want your skull is due entirely to sir. RM, for without which I would have never even known about it. I think I shall be trying again next time. We should all do it.. I'd be cool to see what everyone comes up with.



Got this little dandy into I Want Your Skull issue 5. You guys should frequent the site, super cool stuff.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


such quality things come out of down time at work...

- K

Ha! I beat yall..

Have a cupcake.