Monday, February 9, 2009

Team works!

Hey Peeps! I just thought that I would share these because I haven't been showing a lot of things that i have been doing. These two pieces are collaboration pieces between Emily S. and I. Don't tell her about them because she hasn't seen them yet and I figured she doesn't know about this blog. So if you are Emily and you are reading this STOP! and look away. Anyway I haven't done anything by hand in a really long time so let me know what you dudes think. The first piece is one that i did all on my lonesome and the other is part Emily and part me. I have to finish the leaves on that one then send it back to Emily so she can add. Anyway these are them and remember i don't do a whole lot by hand anymore, but i think that i like them.

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Skeleface said...

To be perfectly honest, these are FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. I am really astounded by how much your imagery works together. These pieces seem really sad to me, like their friends are no where in reach. Keep this up, man, for real. And keep posting progress, I am really REALLY anxious to see where this keeps going. Nicely done.