Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Animal Sketches

Here are 2 little drawings I did last night. Im trying to incorporate more animals into my work, as opposed to only people. Actually, the elephant drawing is an idea for a character that my friend Mark Fisher came up with from his story , Cinderellephant. The story is a psuedo Cinderella story, only, way more bizarre in a way that only Mark could come up with. I shall be posting more on that topic soon. But for now, enjoy some pretty pictures.

Karen O


Skeleface said...

I really like this "African Animal" thing you have been doing lately. They are really accurate drawings, yet you keep capturing this ridiculous cuteness. I like how you have the giraffes collaged in with a lot of other imagery, and I think you should make a big, complex drawing incorporating patterns, people, and these large animals. You could do some really sweet things. Keep pushing the colors, they look great.

Karen O said...

that is a good idea.. I really like looking at complex drawings, I just usually don't have the patience most times to do it myself. Perhaps I should do it though

Skeleface said...

Just layer a lot, I think just tons of simple drawings would be awesome. The complexity comes from the overall composition that way, and then you can just walk up, draw some, walk away, and repeat. I would be very interested to see how your sensibilities take hold of that much imagery. It's all about the gestalt.