Thursday, July 10, 2008

Prints/Patterns for embossing

Hello all. Today for work, I created a variety of patterns based on two themes, Floral and Grecian-inspired. These patterns are to show a client of ours some potential ways to 'spice-up' an otherwise basic compact mirror. The patterns had to be simple because they will be embossed into a small piece of metal. So today was a good day at work, one where I actually got to be creative instead of just cleaning up photos all day..


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Skeleface said...

Overall, I like the floral patterns above the grecian ones, they are just more interesting to my sensibilities. The wave shaped grecian one is my favorite of that group, and I think all of the florals are successful except for the dandelion things, but I think it is just their placement, feels a little light on the right side. Maybe too off center? But, the design of the flowers themselves is very interesting and would look fucking great on metal. Well done, Karen. I would love to see a post of the finished product photographed.