Friday, July 11, 2008


I need more pieces with legs, so here is a start. Holler.


Karen O said...

so is that what you look like when you holler? jk. I am really digging this color palette. It's interesting to see scary creatures that are brightly colored, with a kind of sunburst coming out of them. It makes them almost child-like. (meaning, this seems more appropriate in a children's book than if it had been colored in darker and cooler colors)
Also, good work with drawing legs and feet, I know they aren't you're favorite thing to do and they turned out well

Skeleface said...

Thanks! It isn't so much that I don't like drawing legs and feet, granted I like drawing the rest more, but I have a hard time coming up with compositions that work and I have a hard time balancing proportions. It is something I am working hard at conquering, so thanks for the continuing encouragement (I NEED IT!)

Chris said...

Sweet dude! Looks good! What would it be like if you made the toes more like the way you treated the fingers? To me the fingers are really exaggerated and corky were the toes are not quit as crazy. By the way let’s get together soon to draw some shit.

Skeleface said...


Niamh said...

Nice stems :)
I agree on the color palette too, it's such an unexpected choice for the subject.
When are we gonna draw things again?