Monday, July 14, 2008

Starfish Foundation logo ideas

I have been given another project by the same guy who gave me the Atomic School logo design project. This is for another logo for the Starfish Foundation. The Starfish Foundation is a program for young women to help them learn skill sets outside of high school that will help prepare them for the real world (i.e. learn about taxes, how to buy a car, how to buy a house, stocks, credit scores, etc.) This program also acts as a sort of savings account. The women in the program have to volunteer for any number of community services, and for every hour of time donated, the Starfish Foundation will donate a specific amount into a savings account that the said woman can't touch for 20 years. (or something like that)
Anyway, based on this information, I have come up with a few ideas for a logo. I am interested in what you think/what direction you think makes the most sense for this organization.

Karen O


Skeleface said...

I like the bottom two starfish the most, but I think you need to keep playing with type. I would stay away from anything that looks like cursive handwriting, but I like the idea of the desired effect of a sort of "intimacy." I just think it is a bit dated. But, you seem to be headed in a good direction, and you have an uncanny ability to crank out designs, so I am excited to see what else you come up with. Oh, and I really like the yellow/orange combination you have come up with, very eye-catching, and very positive and happy-feeling. This is a really inspirational group, it sounds like, and I think the palette fits really well.

Karen O said...

yeah, those are my favorites too. I guess I was trying to go for a sophisticated/elegant look.. type is always the most difficult for me

Chris said...

I personally think that the most successful is the top left version. I like how contained and organic it feels. I also think that it’s nice because it’s not overly simple. I agree with maybe changing the font, but I like the feel of handwritten type. For some reason I think it gives it more of a personable quality. I’m not sure if anyone else sees this in that particular one or not, but I feel like the starfish shape is doubling as a flower shape which is kind of cool. The things that I’d take a look at tweaking is the orientation the star shape versus the type and maybe the colors. I agree with Ryan about the eye catching colors maybe some how this one could have a similar color palette.

Karen O said...

Thanks for all the great input guys!