Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Atomic Schools logo ideas

I've been commissioned to design a logo for a guy I've been doing other projects for over the past several months. The logo is for his new company, Atomic Schools. The company will provide custom t-shirts for schools all over the country. He's basically leaving the designing up to me, except that he said he wanted lime green and the logo needs to be simple so it can be easily embroidered. Here's what I've come up with so far.. what do you guys think?

- K


Niamh said...

I like em! I think my favorite is the radioactive symbol one, all though I would make the letters/center a lot bigger. I think you could still get a sense of the symbol. I also like the one above it, but I think the A and S are a little fuzzy with readability.

Skeleface said...

The first one in the middle row is my favorite, because I think it will reproduce the best at all sizes and in black and white. However, the stroke separating the a and the s needs to be thickened a lot, already it blends, especially if the whole thing is turned black. I like the top two as well, but as far as practicality goes, that third one is the closest. Design on an illustration blog, bah....fucking traitor. Also, I like the colors a lot, but maybe deepen the value of the s so if someone makes a black and white print of a color file, nothing will be lost. Well done, traitor.